Thursday, June 17, 2010


I’m surrounded by mustaches! Many manly mustachioed men merrily march… morosely? Madly? Can’t think how to continue the alliteration…

Anyway, seems as though half or more of all men capable of growing a mustaches (read: nearly the entire male population above the age of 16-18 or so) sport them. Good old fashioned handlebars in their full lip-caterpillar glory seem to be the preferred facial hair to sport. I’m definitely joining in with my own pencil ‘stache as soon as I can. Two of my younger cousins already proudly boast ones of their own- I can’t be shown up by them!

It’s probably not significant, but there’s even a line of clothing named “Mustache.” Unfortunately, their marketing folks missed a golden opportunity to have the most epic logo ever—a pair of golden swooping arcs (bit like an inverted McDonald’s logo) would have been great.

Incidentally, I went and got a combination hair cut/shave (with a straight razor! Best shave I’ve ever had, although I definitely was scared the guy might cut my throat accidentally or otherwise… shouldn’t have seen Sweeny Todd so recently)/massage (the barber/masseur decided to crack my neck without telling me at one point) for 35 Rupees- less than $1 US (Exchange rate tends to be something like Rs. 40-50 per $1 US)! TII, my friends- the cost of services, such as domestic help or hair cutting, is literally orders of magnitude lower than in the States. ^_^

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  1. You should see the Lenin/Stalin/Trotsky impersonators here. Even the non-impersonators sport characteristic facial hair. Unfortunately, I haven't seen many full-bearded boyars yet.